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I’ve been looking through some stats for and this blog. Though probably unrepresentative of web traffic as a whole I thought I’d share anyway. They’re undoubtedly biased towards Gecko based browsers due to the fact most people I actually know use Mozilla or Firefox but one might expect the blog to be more biased as the ratio of readers who know me to those who don’t should be even higher. This is demonstrated by the stats for the blog, based on the last 100 visitors, which have Firefox running at 43%, with Mozilla another 18%, IE running at 33%. That’s 61% to 33% in Gecko’s favour, with others (like Safari and Opera) and unknown making up the minority rest (I’m fairly sure Ed is skewing this to Firefox a bit as he seems to get counted lots more than he should).

The stats for (not including the blog) show much less of a bias, suggesting that it is found by a more general readership (there are probably more things for a search engine to hit upon). Indeed IE is still out in front, with 68%, Firefox 14%, Mozilla 13% and 35 from netscape 7.x. That’s 68% to 30% in favour of IE, much closer to the real world sadly. I might keep a closer eye on those stats though, to see if the launch of Firefox 1.0 sends its market share upwards.

Whilst looking through these stats for I also worrying (because of the number of people who seem to search for such things) noticed that one of the top search terms seems to be “football violance” (it’ll probably turn up for the blog too now!). That lands on the football page where I point out I absolutly condemn such hooliganism :-( The other search term which turns up a lot tends to have something to do with MEIS and Igor Pro, whilst the blog tends to get a lot of searches about Mozilla and other web related stuff.

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