Mozilla Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are bookmarks which run snippets of Javascript to do useful things. I have them living in my personal toolbar for easy access.

Mozilla Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are simply bookmarks (favourites) that run a little piece of Javascript to do something useful. By "opening" the bookmark you might remove all colour from the current page, search for selected text, or something else really useful. The bookmarklets collected here are primarily for Mozilla browsers (I have many collected in my Firefox personal toolbar for easy access), but they may well work in others. The bookmarklets listed here a split into two sections: Those useful in general day to day browsing that the average user may find useful and those useful for web development.

More bookmarklets can be found at Jesse Ruderman's Squarefree, where a number of these bookmarklets derived from. Others came from places I've lost track of, so thanks to all those unknowns. There may even be one or two I wrote myself

To test a bookmarklet on this page, simply click on it. To use it on other pages, bookmark the link!

General Bookmarklets

Train Times
See the train times bookmarklet page and this blog post
Search Multimap.
Search for the selected text using multimap (UK version). If no text is selected it asks for some.
Search for the selected text. If no text is selected it asks for some.
Search AcronymFinder.
Searches for the selected text. If no text is selected it asks for some.
Returns to the refering page. Basically acts like the back button but is useful if the back button is "broken" by a page, or if the current page was opened in a new tab.
Zoom Images
Double the size of each image on a page. For some reason I use this surprisingly often.
Goes to the top level domain for the current page (e.g. if your at it takes you to
Zoom In
Attempt to zoom in the entire page, Opera style.
Zoom Out
Like the previous bookmarklet, but zoom out
Add 1
If a URL contains a number then this increaments it by 1. A lot of sites have URLs with something like /bla?page=1 etc., so quite useful.
Zaps most presentational HTML, CSS etc, making pages with horribly unreadable colour schemes and the like actually readable. Recommended.
Tiny URLIf you want to send a horribly long, convoluted URL that breaks up onto several lines when you try to paste it, this is for you. Creates a really short URL using tinyurl.comWish more people would use it.
Split horizontal
Load the current page into two frames, split horizontally. Useful for keeping part of a long page in view while scrolling through the rest of it
Split Vertical
As the previous bookmarklet but creats two vertically split frames.
Highlight Regular Expression
Asks for a regular expression and then highlights the matches on the current page

Web Design Bookmarklets

Although these are useful tools a lot of their functionality can be found in some of the more advanced web design extensions for Firefox.

Draws a marque to allow you to measure the pixel dimensions of a rectangular area of the screen. Should you wish to.
View Stylesheets
View a page's stylesheets in a new window.
Edit Styles
Opens a little window with the style sheets which apply to the current page loaded in it. And lets you edit them. The results are shown in real time in the browser.
View Scripts
View the scripts (javascript etc) used on a page in a new window.
Show Tables
Outlines table cells, so you can see them
Topographic View
Displays blocks with greyscaled background colour, the darkest being the parent then becoming lighter through child elements, grandchild elements, etc. Useful for looking at overall structure
Show and Label Divs with IDs
Does what it says on the tin
Show and Label Divs with classes
Again does what it says on the tin
Show and Label Divs with ID or Class
Does both of the last two bookmarklets at once. Thanks to Damien Byrne for this.
Generated Source
Opens a new window showing the HTML source of the current page, as generated from the DOM. So the effective source of pages generated with javascript etc can be viewed.