Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension allowing powerful user defined javascripts to be arbitrarily run on any page


Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which allows the addition of "user scripts" to any web page. These scripts can alter the page's behaviour, add useful information, etc. A large number of scripts are available.


I've written/adapted a couple of Greasemonkey scripts (nothing too complicated). Please report bugs. I don't actually keep track if most of these are still working, so they may be broken. Scripts further down the page are more likely to be working as they're newer. Also find me on

Gmail Attachment Reminder
Attempts to remind you if it seems you meant to attach a file to a message but have forgotten to do so. New version (currently beta) compatable with the new Gmail interface (and should still work with the old version, though that's untested). Note: This is no longer supported as the functionality was added to Google Labs.
Gmail Attachment Reminder (Old Version)
Reminds you if it seems you meant to attach a file to a message but haven't. Originally based on this script but updated to support both send buttons, rich text, plain text, replies and forwards. Also checks the subject line. Thanks to Gina Trapani of Lifehacker it's now easy to change the word stem through the greasemonkey menu (for non-english checking for example). Separate multiple triggers with a pipe | Not compatable with the new Gmail interface. Note: The new version above should work for the old interface too. Add Searches
Adds links to search a number of sites for artist to See the Options entry under Tools->User Script Commands to set which sites links are added for. It shouldn't be too difficult to work out how to add additional sites to the script. Searches
Similar to the searches, adds links to various search engines and torrent sites to Add Torrent Links
No longer supported. Superseded by Add Searches. Based on another script, this adds links to search for torrents on The Pirate Bay and Torrent Reactor. Unlike the original script is does so on all pages, not just the user profile ones. Now also links to Jabberwalker
MozillaZine Forums Mark all read Redirect to Index
The most unwieldy title in the world! When reading MozillaZine Forums, this will make clicking Mark all topics read redirect to the forums index, rather than the topic you've just been reading (which I find annoying)
Trainline Buy Tickets Autologin
See this blog post for something of an explanation
FlickrLeech Magnifier
Adapted from the Flickr Magnifier script, shows a larger version of the photo when hovering over a thumbnail on FlickrLeech. No londer relevant as FlickrLeech is no more.
Add Totals To soccerbase Tables
The league tables on show home and away stats separately. I often find I want to know total wins, draws etc. This script adds the appropriate columns, and also introduces a simple hover effect to highlight the row you're over
Google Calendar Age Adder
Just an update to this script to make it work again.
Google Maps OS References
Google Maps doesn't recognise Ordnance Survey (OS) grid references (thought there is this mapplet I found after writing the script). This script watches for such searches and converts the grid reference into a latitude, longitude reference so Google Maps will handle it. Update: Now (optionally) supports all numeric references